Eulogies, Here Anonymous (Dangerbird)

It's the spaces in between the instruments that keep things appealing throughout Eulogies' latest, Here Anonymous.
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A contradiction in tunes
Los Angeles folk-rockers Eulogies—helmed by former solo artist Peter Walker—recollect a less dense Rave-Ups throughout most of this set, a most appropriate comparison given that Eulogies' music would serve as perfect scene accompaniment for any number of indie films. (Blane? Andie? Are you out there?) The spaces in between the instruments are what keep things appealing and more toward the pop side; Walker lets the well-crafted melodies stand out instead of feeling the unnecessary need to stuff as many sounds as possible into the arrangements. The lyrics are yet another interesting aspect, in that they contradict the often lively tunes with more contemplative, bittersweet subject matter. "Day to Day" opens sharply and simply with a guitar riff and traipsing vocal harmonies, while "Eyes on the Prize" finds Walker channeling a peppier Morrissey/Smiths, especially in the chorus. Elsewhere, Silversun Pickups' Nikki Monninger shows up to quietly sing along with Walker on "Two Can Play"; a slowly skipping beat enhances one of the album's best tracks, "This Fine Progression"; and the disc concludes with the nimble contrast of cheerful tambourines and heavier guitars on "Is There Anyone Here?" [3.5 out of 5 stars]