Eventide Announces V3.5 Software Update for TimeFactor, ModFactor, and PitchFactor

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Eventide today announced V3.5 beta software update for its family of popular stompboxes is now available. V3.5 is the latest in Eventide’s on-going effort to address users’ feature requests and wishes. The extensive MIDI capabilities of the Factor family of stompboxes are being exploited in many rigs and, with this release, Eventide has improved MIDI clock resolution. 

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In addition to the various tweaks and fixes common to all Factors, V3.5 for PitchFactor includes improved pitch tracking. V3.5 beta software for TimeFactor, ModFactor, and PitchFactor is a free download to all registered users and is now available. Windows installers are here: http://bit.ly/WinUpdate. Mac installers are here: http://bit.ly/MacUpdt.