Everything But the Girl''s Tracey Thorn Comes Out of Hiding for Solo Album

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After more than a six-year hiatus, Everything But the Girl's Tracey Thorn, who recorded and toured with band mate Ben Watt for almost 20 years, is back. The singer''s first solo album in 25 years, Out of the Woods, is due this March.

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EBTG began in the '80s as a popular lite-jazz/pop group, releasing hits such as “I Don''t Want to Talk About it.” In the mid-'90s, the duo crossed over into more cutting-edge electronic music, releasing a string of dance hits including “Missing” and “Walking Wounded.” Thorn also contributed guest vocals for groups such as Deep Dish and Massive Attack (the latter which helped inform EBTG''s direction into the electronic realm).

In 2000, Thorn went under the radar to start a family with Watt, giving birth to three children. Meanwhile, Watt dug deeper into the world of electronic music, starting his label and club night, Lazy Dog, as well as remixing and working as a touring DJ.

Agreeing with Watt to keep EBTG in hiatus mode, Thorn finally recorded another solo album (her first being A Distant Shore in 1982) with electronic producers Ewan Pearson, Charles Webster, Tom Gandey, Martin Wheeler and Alex Santos. Thorn''s Out of the Woods will be released on March 20, 2007.