Explore your own personal musical universe with the new MAGIX MP3 Maker

PCs are currently at the center of music consumption and provide mobile players, cellular phones, car radios, and stereo systems with the right sounds. The most successful and best-tested(1) center for this musical universe on the PC is MAGIX MP3 Maker - the 14th version of which is available for resale starting from 30 April for $29,99. All tasks, from ripping, converting, compiling, transferring, and burning can be taken care of by MAGIX MP3 Maker 14 from one simple, clearly laid-out screen. The new MAGIX MP3 Maker 14 deluxe is available at top retailers, online partners and directly from the MAGIX website at www.magix.com.

A New Universe of Musical Enjoyment

The new MAGIX MP3 Maker 14 deluxe features integrated MUFIN music recommendation technology developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer institute in Germany, creators of the MP3 format. Based on a computerized algorithmic sound analysis of music, MAGIX MP3 Maker 14 deluxe can hear a song then find and recommend similar songs which can be automatically compiled into playlists. Additionally, the new MAGIX MP3 Maker 14 deluxe further leverages this MUFIN technology by applying it to a user's entire song collection to create a visual, personalized representation of their entire music library. "Mufin Vision", as this cutting-edge feature is called, analyzes an entire music collection and lets users explore it as a unique, personalized musical universe. Music lovers can navigate through all the different constellations of similar sounding songs in their collection and automatically build mood playlists as they enjoy their music library in a totally different, personalized and unique way.

The Perfect Music Mix for Every Occasion

For aspiring DJs and people looking to create their own special song mixes and remixes, MAGIX MP3 Maker 14 deluxe features an integrated DJ console that lets users mix their own music live and create perfect playlists to fit every occasion and event. MAGIX MP3 Maker 14 deluxe also offers more practical functions than ever for managing and controlling music collections that can often include tens of thousands of tracks. Features like the sound-based duplicate search which can individually listen to songs in a collection and find tracks that are repeated even if they have different names and automatic ID3 tag creation which can correctly complete song track information for displaying on MP3 players make it a cinch to manage even the largest music library with complete ease.