Exponential Audio Announce NIMBUS - New Reverb Plugin

Reverb Reinvented
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Reverb reinvented: introducing NIMBUS, the powerful new reverb from Exponential Audio

Exponential Audio introduces NIMBUS, a powerful new reverb with better sound, greater flexibility and extended capabilities.

Inspired by real users

Exponential has listened to user feedback on their popular PhoenixVerb plug-in, and combined this with powerful new sonic manipulation tools to create its latest reverb incarnation. From tempo-controllable pre-delay to handy new tool-tips and an intuitive workflow, NIMBUS is genuinely user-friendly technology.

Sounds better, works even better

NIMBUS boasts a raft of new capabilities to produce the sweetest sounds: from a new warp section with compressor/expander and overdrive, to an innovative tail suppression circuit for more dynamic response. And as a native plug-in NIMBUS needs no special hardware and has minimal CPU-usage.

In short:

  • A powerful new reverb unit based on the PhoenixVerb core, NIMBUS offers better sound, greater flexibility and extended capabilities.
  • New improved features inspired by user feedback.
  • Innovative tools including a new warp section with compressor/expander and overdrive, tempo-controllable pre-delay, and dynamic tail suppression.
  • Intuitive workflow, over 1200 presets, and helpful tool-tips all make for an incredibly user-friendly experience.
  • On sale at $199 US with a free 21-day trial available.
  • Shipping before end of September 2016

About Exponential Audio
While many companies were making convolution reverbs with photorealistic graphics requiring loads of DSP, Exponential’s Michael Carnes was swimming in the other direction with his designs, in pursuit of sound, efficiency and smooth workflow.

That disruptive approach has paid off, with Exponential Audio now regarded as a leading effects company for professionals in music, post-production and games design.

Its plug-ins are used on Grammy-winning albums, and top movies taking you to galaxies far-far away or deep into Middle Earth.