Expressive E releases sounds for MPE controllers

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Expressive E’s has released the MPE Collection, 240 sounds optimized for MPE controllers. MPE controllers sense continuous finger movements in three dimensions, as well as velocity. The sounds of the MPE Collection respond to players’ slightest gestures, enabling interaction with with MPE controllers such as the Roli Seaboard and Blocks, KMI K-Board Pro 4, Roger Linn Design Linnstrument, Haken Audio Continuum and others. 

Each soundpack in the MPE Collection contains 80 presets crafted with UVI's Falcon multi-synthesis engine. No additional software is needed to play the sounds. Users can load presets into the free UVI Workstation that’s included with the products or into UVI Falcon (sold separately). 

For more information visit Expressive E’s website.