FabFilter Pro-C 2

A compressor that’s ready for anything
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Voting for this award was easy, because all of the editors agreed immediately: From its excellent sound quality to its extensive feature set and informative interface, the Pro-C 2 is a must-have dynamics processor.

In addition to side-chain EQ, auto gain, auto release, and continuously variable knee, the Pro-C 2’s notable features include a hold parameter, quality metering, oversampling, as well as midside processing and parallel compression capabilities. Our editors especially noted the excellent performance of the look-ahead feature and the useful collection of style presets—Clean, Classic, Opto, Vocal, Mastering, Bus, Punch, and Pumping— that allow for a range of control from transparent to over-the-top. You can even trigger compression using MIDI notes.

The user interface is detailed, but without clutter. Set it to a standard compressor image or a scrolling peak-level display, then expand it to the full size of your computer monitor: Retina support for Mac OS X means it will remain easy to read. But no matter where you use it, Pro-C 2 is likely to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Win-win!