Facebook Feedback, November 2011

M Readers Respond to Most Outrageous Thing Done to Promote Music From EM Facebook Page
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What is the most outrageous thing you''ve done to promote your music?Robbie Ryan
We had an old Oberheim analog sequencer that we picked up for about $10. Our band (Division of Beat) signed it, Joey Beltram signed it, and Moby signed it. We offered it up to the radio station for a charity auction, and in the radio spot, all we heard was, “Cool synthesizer signed by Moby!” Argh!

Ryan Royals
Mark Mann spray-painted the side of a van with a gig date and venue on it, parked it in the busiest intersection in town for a week, then took it to the scrapyard and ran it through the car crusher!

Patrick Lane
Here''s what a friend of mine did: Gave away business cards that said, “Whatever you do, DO NOT let your kids listen to this!” with a download link. The site kicked him off for exceeding bandwidth!

Daniel Salomón
I told people it was worth taking the time to listen to. What WAS I thinking?!?

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