Fiedler Audio Update for the AD 480 Family of Reverb

Free Feature Testing Mode
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Fiedler Audio released update for the AD 480 family of reverbs with free feature testing mode
New Version 1.3 of AD 480 Reverb offers new Audiobus support and unique 1 hour free feature testing mode

Fiedler Audio released the latest Version 1.30 of the AD 480 Reverb. In this version the new Audiobus SDK Version 2.1.1 was integrated for full compatibility with the new Audiobus app. The new Audiobus is based on Interapp Audio which greatly improves latency. Additionally this new version of the AD 480 Reverb was tested already with iOS 8 beta 2.

Free Feature testing
The AD 480 free and the AD 480 basic now offer one hour of testing all the features of the AD 480 pro Reverb. This hour is pure usage time and can be interrupted.

Pricing and availability
AD 480 Reverbs are available from the Apple App Store. AD 480 basic costs USD 3,99, AD 480 pro costs USD 14,99, AD 480 free costs, well, nothing!


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