Finale, A Pipedream and a Promise (Interdependent Media)

There are no pipe dreams here: We promise you'll dig this pleasantly produced product from this promising Detroit MC. Perfect!
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Blue-collar goodness from the D
The past couple of years have been promising for Detroit hip-hop, and Finale is the latest MC to emerge from the D. On his first widely released LP, the former automotive engineer keeps it grounded, rapping about his craft, city and life at a steady pace. Finale''s voice may not jump right out at you, but when paired with beats from producers such as Nottz and Waajeed, his collected resonance exists comfortably among the midtempo tracks.

Only on the video-game-inspired, Black Milk–produced heater “One Man Show” does Finale''s flow sound overpowered. In contrast, another Milk-crafted joint, “Motor Music,” serves as one of the most balanced cuts on the LP. This percussion-driven single sees the MC interlock ideally with the signature dirty Detroit drums. And it''s a shame that he never got to work more with the late, great J Dilla, because Finale is at his most hungry on the Dilla-produced sure-shot “Heat.” By the time this album is a wrap, it becomes clear that Finale knows not only who he is as an artist but also how to pick his producers well. [3.5 out of 5 stars]