First Peek: Steinberg Cubase 8

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With Cubase Pro 8 ($599.99) and Cubase Artist 8 ($329.99), Steinberg has made significant improvements to an already robust, full-featured DAW. The audio engine has been completely rebuilt to improve audio processing performance, particularly with multitimbral, disk-streaming instruments, while the GUI has been enhanced with an easier-to-read Inspector and Track list and the ability to dock the MediaBay and VST Instrument Rack windows. Top among the new workflow features is the addition of VCA faders that let you control a group of faders with one master:

Now, you can combine fader automation curves and omit redundant automation. Each channel strip now gets an updated EQ module, and Cubase Pro 8 adds group routing for multiple channels, buses, and stems, as well as wave meters within the mix console. On top of that, Pro 8 fully integrates VST Connect SE 3 into Cubase, allowing you to record audio and MIDI data remotely over the Internet. Instruments and effects also get a bump up. Along with Groove Agent SE 4, you get Acoustic Agent drum kit, which includes 20 style patterns, and the Allen Morgan Rock-Pop Toolbox featuring 30 construction kits. Also worth noting are the effects, particularly the Multiband Envelope Shaper, Multiband Expander, the VST Bass Amp, and the Quadrafuzz v2 distortion module. And check out the new Chord Pads, Chord Assistant, and MIDI tempo detection when you’re ready track parts into the program To learn more about Cubase Artist 8 and Cubase Pro 8, visit