Flare Audio Launches the Space P1

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Created for A&R professionals, music managers, home studio musicians and producers, Space P1 is ideally suited for small studio, desk, office and small installation use. Like Flare Audio’s first Space Technology product release (the Space S1 for studio and installation), the Space P1 creates pure sound achieved through Waveform Integrity. By preventing resonance and waveform damage, Flare products create an immediacy of sound with unmatched clarity and detail.

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The Space P1 uses Flare Audio’s own Space Technology which effectively makes the loudspeaker enclosure sonically invisible; what is heard is just the information supplied to the loudspeaker driver. By eliminating the effect of the enclosure, neutrality of sound is achieved while the driver efficiency is increased. The Space P1 is Flare Audio’s first product created for personal and small installation use, giving music industry professionals the opportunity to experience the same purity of a live or studio Flare Audio system on a much smaller scale.

Manufactured in the UK, Space P1 is designed for broad industry appeal with its professional quality, power efficiency and recyclable aluminium enclosure. Made from solid block aerospace aluminium, Space P1 measures just H199xW124xD88 in mm and weighs 3kg. Space P1 features BMR driver technology enabling P1 to have full range accuracy and 180 degree sound dispersion. The small size and 20w RMS belies a powerful punch as Space Technology maximises the efficiency of the driver and therefore minimizes power usage.

Soon-to-be-released products in the Space Technology range include Space X3, a point source speaker for installation and DJ and stage monitoring, and the X5 line array for touring and installation.
The full Space range will see all audio needs being met, from delivering clear controllable live event sound to enabling true sound in the studio, whilst delivering the same quality and sound detail to public buildings and end users in their homes.

Space products are based on the principle of Waveform Integrity, White Papers for which are available on the company’s website. For a demonstration of the groundbreaking Space range or to take part in distribution, contact Flare Audio on: +44 (0)1903 761000. Email: sales@flareaudio.com

To receive information and updates on the Space range and coming products, link to Flare Audio on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Space P1 can be ordered direct from the company at sales@flareaudio.com from March 11th 2013.
RRP: £500 + VAT each, £1000 + VAT for pair.