Focal Professional introduces new CMS active nearfield monitors

Based upon Focal proprietary driver technology, the new CMS 65 and CMS50 are two new active nearfield studio monitors that offers outstanding performance and exceptional versatility in a price segment that rarely sees any breakthrough innovation.

The superbly finished aluminium die-cast cabinets are bringing unconditional rigidity while internal damping and bracing sets the monitor free from unwanted colorations.

Focal's unique Al/Mg (Aluminium/Magnesium) inverted dome tweeter combines both, ideal lightweight mass and superb damping, resulting in a tweeter that easily extends up to 28khz at –3db, with a close to perfection pulse response.

The Polyglass® bass driver combines hollow micro-balls of glass to a pulp cellulose cone thus permitting an amazing rigidity versus mass ratio. The rigidity versus mass ratio of Polyglass is 10 times better than polypropylene and easily exceeds Kevlar .

These bi-amplified active nearfield monitors, 165 watts for the CMS65 and 130 watts for the CMS50, benefits from the smoother sound of two high end class AB amplifiers.

Thanks to separate HF and LF shelving adjustments, a Desktop Notch correction filter that controls first reflection when the speakers are located over the mixing board, rubber decoupling stand, spikes to tilt the speakers and adjust soundstage height, the Focal Professional CMS 65 and CMS 50 are versatile and will feel at home in any Broadcast, Post-Production or Recording Studio.

CMS 50 : $695 each MSRP
CMS 65 : $995 each MSRP