Focal Professional Monitors used at Universal Audio’s brand new studio

 Universal Audio, a very well known manufacturer of high-quality audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations recently moved from Santa Cruz to Scotts Valley, California. Focal Professional monitors (Solo6 Be + Sub6 Be) were recently installed in their brand new studio.
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Will Shanks, Universal Audio’s product manager uses the new studio on a daily basis; “Having the new studio is a Godsend. While we did a lot of critical listening at our old facility, the room conditions were not exactly ideal--so for ultra-critical listening and product sign-off, we would often rent studio time, usually in mastering rooms. The design engineers and product managers like myself spend a lot of time in our new room, as this is the best place to get hands and ears on pro totype hardware and software.”

Part of Universal Audio’s expertise is to release plug-in equivalents of classic gear like the LA-3A or the Plate 140 Reverb. “I rely on our Focal system every day that a new plug-in is in development. The Focals give me instant feedback from which I can clearly show my algorithm designer firsthand where a subtle difference between the device modeled and the plug-in exists, and gives us a tangible point of reference. eedless to say, critical listening on our Focal system is paramount.”

Universal Audio also uses the new studio as a critical listening environment for analog hardware development “As an example, the final tone characteristics of our new 710 Twin-Finity mic pre was tuned by our design engineer using the Focal system just last week. ”

Product manager by day, Producer/Engineer at Ear to the Ground studio by night, Will Shanks also uses the Focal system for mixing purposes “At 6pm, I simply switch hats and work out of UA’s studio. The learning curve for the Focals was minimal, and I have found I am taking fewer passes at mixes with clients. This saves me time, and the client money. Actually, the thing I appreciate most is the translation--the Focal system translates my mixes much better than my last system, and I almost always have the same list of notes that the client has for changes, even though we are listening on totally different systems.”