Lugert Releases Forte 8

The Latest Version of the Popular Notation Software will be Released on November 28th
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The latest version of the popular notation software will be released on November 28th

FORTE 8 – the latest version of the internationally acclaimed notation software will be released on November 28th. True to their motto, “Simplify Your Score,” their developers have been hard at work on a powerful solution for scanning music: the FORTE Scan App. Now you can scan your scores without a scanner.

Using a smartphone or tablet, the FORTE Scan App allows you to simply take a picture of your score and have it scanned directly into FORTE 8. FORTE Scan App reads the pictures immediately, and translates them into FORTE 8. You can do all of your editing and layouts in FORTE 8 Premium. Even bulky volumes are digitized smoothly and effortlessly. Whether you’re on the road, at a friend’s place or at a choir rehearsal – scanning scores has never been easier.

In addition to its revolutionary Scan App, FORTE 8 includes a number of other improvements and new features.

  • New views make print layouts easy – The new screen views in FORTE 8 let you view the score like a digital book, making it easy to create and edit exact print layouts.
  • Customize your score with new music fonts – Several new music fonts were added to the editing menu, so a new look is just one click away. By popular demand, a handwritten font is also included in this release.
  • Add individual performance notes with ease – Individual performance directions can now be selected directly from the improved input palette.
  • Tune your instrument while you score – An integrated tuner allows the musicians to tune their stringed instruments before playing along to playbacks created with FORTE.

And best of all, this update eliminates the common struggles associated with exchanging music and scores with other programs. FORTE 8 supports both the MusicXML and the MIDI-formats.

Jam packed with features for musicians of all skill levels, FORTE 8 is perfect for hobbyists and ambitious musicians alike! There’s FORTE 8 Basic, which is perfect for beginners. Advanced musicians will love the robust features of FORTE 8 Home. And for the power user or professional musician, the whole package – including the scanning module and extensive editing options – FORTE 8 Premium is the perfect solution.

Similar programs are usually twice the price of FORTE 8, and license-holders of previous FORTE versions can upgrade to FORTE 8 at preferred rates. For new users, FORTE has some very special rates as well: From November 28th to December 4th, early birds can get their copy of FORTE 8 Basic for as little as $19.

The FORTE Team will be sending out reviewer’s copies to editorial offices shortly, and are happy to answer any questions you might have about FORTE 8. Simply reach out to Barbara using the contact information below.

About Lugert Publishing:

FORTE notation software is a product of the German publishing company Lugert Verlag. Lugert Verlag has been publishing periodicals and teaching materials for music teachers and musicians for more than 30 years, starting with their first journal, “Praxis des Musikunterrichts.” Lugert Verlag offers a wide range of periodicals, textbooks and DVDs
for the music community. Today, more than 10,000 users happily write their music with FORTE