Fostex Ships Professional Headphone and DAC/Amplifier Combination

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Fostex, a well known Japanese manufacturer of pro audio tools sold worldwide, has announced the release of two new products aimed directly at the high end pro segment – the TH-900 dynamic headphone and the HP-A8C 32-bit DAC/ headphone amplifier. Sold separately but perfectly matched for each other, the two elite new products were designed to suit the most discerning engineer or audiophile’s needs in a studio or professional listening environment.

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The TH-900 headphone is packed with refined features, including a specially engineered driver unit with a 1.5 tesla magnetic circuit that allows the unit to achieve significantly wider range, as well as the company’s signature “Biodyna” 50mm biodynamic diaphragm, ensuring ultimate purity of sound reproduction. The headphone is crafted with Japanese Cherry Birch housings, which boast a rigid and extremely dense texture that creates a robust acoustic performance. High style embellishments abound, such as housings finished in a traditional Japanese (“Urushi”) lacquer in brilliant Bordeaux red by a 100-year-old artisan group. The unit’s 3m cord with a gold plated 6.3mm stereo plug is also engineered for maximum durability using 7N grade oxygen free copper (OFC). The TH-900 ships with an elegant headphone stand.

The HP-A8C is Fostex’s flagship 32-bit Digital Audio Converter and headphone amplifier featuring expertly designed Analog and Digital circuitry for ultimate sonic performance. The premium DAC/headphone amp offers up key features that include the renowned DSD audio playback function, as well as a high precision electronic volume knob and TCXO clock for Asynchronous mode. Style features such as the enclosure with a glass front panel and sleek black side panels and striking accents like the pure white Organic LED display enhance the aesthetic value. When paired with the TH-900, users can achieve the level of acoustic performance coveted by true professionals and audiophiles.

The TH-900 and HP-A8C are separately priced at $1999.99 each and are available now at select authorized US Fostex retailers. US retailer list is available at

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• Uniquely designed Neodymium magnetic circuit adopting the magnetic repulsion system with the 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss) magnetic flux density to achieve wider dynamic range

• Foster / Fostex's unique "Biodynamic" diaphragm* for high resolution sound reproduction

• The housings are made of Japanese Cherry Birch (Betula Grossa), a Japanese specialty with rigid and dense texture for maximum acoustic performance

• The housings are finished in the traditional "Urushi" lacquer (a.k.a. Japan) with a striking red Bordeaux color by a 100 years old artisan group

• The ear pads are made of protein leather from eggshell membrane for maximum comfort

• The cord is made of 7N grade (99.99999%) OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) and duralumin plug case for higher durability

• Comes with an elegant headphone stand in the package


• High-fidelity 32bit D/A converter (Asahi Kasei’s AK4399) and all-discrete analog circuitry headphone amplifier

• Complies with USB Audio Class 2.0 up to 32bit/192kHz (24 bit on Windows)

• Asynchronous mode by high precision TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) clock

• Large capacity toroidal power transformer

• Built-in SD (SDHC) card drive for epoch-making DSD file (DSF format) reproduction in addition to the firmware update

• Selectable between the internal clock and the external clock (except for USB and SD card)

• Built-in up-sampling function of x2 and x4

• Digital Filter selection between the conventional “sharp roll-off” and the “minimum delay” developed by Asahi Kasei to eliminate pre-echo

• Direct Out mode by passing the volume control circuit

• Variable headphone amplifier’s gain from 0dB to-12dB by 0.5dB step for perfect match with any type of headphones

• Various inputs including USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical (x2) and analog RCA

• A dedicated Remote Controller is supplied

• Beautiful white Organic LED for the display