Frank Serafine is "Taking Charge" with MXL

When it comes to sound design for motion picture, few names come to mind faster than that of independent composer/sound designer/supervisor Frank Serafine. Serafine, whose storied contributions to the film industry include work on numerous blockbuster films, including Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Hunt for Red October, and Virtuosity to name but a few, recently took delivery of two MXL 993 shotgun microphones for use on his current project, Taking Charge—a new, forthcoming film from The Vine Entertainment group. Further, Serafine is also the proud owner of MXL’s new V6 Silicon Valve microphone.

For Taking Charge, a modern day “Bonnie & Clyde” story starring Malcom McDowell, Clint Howard, and rising star Amanda Brooks, Serafine employed the MXL 993s for both ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement) as well as Foley recording (real-time sound effects). Accustomed to working with a variety of high-end German microphones that are well entrenched in the film world for these applications, Serafine reports that he was genuinely pleased with the 993’s performance—not to mention more than a little surprised.

“The MXL 993s exhibit a very clean, warm-bodied sound that is ideal for a wide range of recording tasks,” notes Serafine. “These mics do a terrific job of emulating the sound characteristics of many of the finest German microphones—at a fraction of the price.”

Further, Serafine reports that his new V6 Silicon Valve™ condenser microphone is also finding its rightful place in his equipment arsenal. With a number of voiceover sessions to gauge its performance, Serafine finds the V6, “a warm, full sounding microphone that is absolutely transparent—making it ideal for vocal applications.”

While the V6 and 993 may represent the newest additions to his microphone collection, they do not represent Serafine’s first experience with the MXL brand. “I’ve worked with a number of MXL microphones over the years,” states Serafine, “and I am continually surprised by how much value the company packs into its products. MXL microphones, with their excellent sound and performance qualities, have leveled the playing field. Now, everyone can own a high quality recording mic without breaking the bank. Whereas there was a time when only well-heeled engineers could afford this level of quality, MXL has introduced a number of mics that deliver terrific results at a price that aspiring artists and recording engineers can afford, and this raises the bar, production wise, for everyone.”

With low noise and wide dynamic range, the MXL 993 cardioid condenser microphone employs transformer-less FET circuitry and a 20mm gold diaphragm. MXL’s V6 Silicon Valve is a large diaphragm, cardioid condenser microphone that provides the sound of a tube without the noise and drawbacks of multiple cables and external power supplies. The microphone employs solid-state FET amplifier techniques to simulate what tubes do naturally.

MXL is a leading manufacturer of professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post production, and live sound markets. Additional information on the MXL 993, V6 Silicon Valve, and all MXL microphones can be found at