Free Abletunes Knobs Plug-ins Add Quick Attack, Drive, Space to Any Sound

Three Free Single-Knob Plug-ins for Quickly Adding Big Character to Any Sound: Attack, Drive and Space.
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One of the frequent bonuses in covering the music technology scene has been witnessing the strength of the entrepreneurial spirit in our little corner of digital enterprise. Pet music technology projects have found great success on crowd funding platforms, and while digital distribution has continually frustrated artists trying to sell music, it has also opened the doors for micro-entrepreneurs to explore selling sound packs, plug-in presets, DAW templates and small software projects.

It seems that there new businesses like this cropping up all the time, so much so that it’s often tough to keep up with their comings and goings. So one thing that these small new companies often do to gain some attention is what semi-famous information entrepreneur Eben Pagan calls “moving the free line.” That means giving away things of high value in order to gain the loyalty of potential customers.

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Small music tech companies have been following this advice with free sound packs, presets, and some of my favorites, free plug-ins. So it’s the least we can do to give some shine to these hard-working grinders when they drop some gratis goodies into our digital collections.

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Give it up then for Abletunes, the maker of ready-to-go Ableton Live templates loaded up with samples, tracks and plug-ins made to order for more than a dozen popular electronic dance genres of house, bass and downtempo music. Along with its Logic-oriented counterpart site Logitu

Its latest offering, though, will cost you nothing and will hopefully instead save you time in your production process. Three new Abletunes Knobs plug-ins for VST/AU formats — Attack, Drive, and Space — combine several commonly used parameters into a single-knob interface for getting you big-sounding results fast. nes, Abletunes sells its Albeton Live templates for $29 dollars each, and sample packs for $15-49. 

Recalling the look of the Waves plug-ins like One Knob Louder the freeware Abletunes Knobs have a single amount knob, as well as an on/off switch.

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Attack is a stereo transient shaper that only effects the attack section of a waveform, useful for adding punch to percussive sounds and lead instruments. Drive is a stereo distortion that adds some extra tone and color to sounds you want to stand out. Finally, Space provides mid-sized stereo reverb with a bright character that can quickly set a sound apart in a mix.

Far from being comprehensive units of their effect types, the Abletunes Knobs free plugins are quick mix tools that specialize in one type of emphasis job. I tried them in a project, and they had the desired quick-fix effect on a variety of sounds, from drums and bass lines to vocals and acoustic instruments.

The following company video shows their new creations in action.