Free Reason, Kontakt, and Pro Tools Webinars

Introducing a new series of FREE music production technology webcasts giving you how-to tips and technique for the latest recording applications. In these one-hour web sessions you will learn how to maximize your music production with top software tools. Join the LIVE webcasts to participate in the interactive Q&A.

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Propellerhead Reason 4
LIVE webcast Wednesday, December 19, 6:00pm PST
In this webcast we’ll take an in-depth, real world approach to making music in side Reason 4, the premiere all-in-one software studio. From the first stages of production through mixing and creating a stereo audio file for CD delivery, we’ll show you how to get the most from Reason. You’ll also learn how to import your own audio recordings, how Reason can be used with other production tools, how to build custom instruments, and more.
Hosted by contributing editor John Krogh.


Native Instruments Kontakt
LIVE webcast Thursday, December 20, 6:00pm PST
Native Instruments’ Kontakt is the top soft sampler of choice for in-the-know songwriters and producers. We’ll explore Kontakt’s deep features, showing you how to get the most from it in the studio and on stage. You’ll learn how to customize your own sounds, how to work with loops, how to create rhythmic effects, and much more.
Hosted by contributing editor John Krogh.


Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4
LIVE webcast Thursday, December 27, 6:00pm PST
In this educational webcast, we share some choice tips and tricks for utilizing Digidesign’s Pro Tools 7.4 LE in the home studio. Included in this session are tried-and-true techniques for: Efficient tracking and mixing in Pro Tools LE, 7.4’s file management and transference features, getting the most out of your Pro Tools grid, using the elastic audio feature, integrating analog outboard components with 7.4 LE and more.
Hosted by award-winning producer/engineer Jeff Anderson.


About John Krogh
Editor-at-large for Keyboard, John served as technical editor for EQ from 2003 to 2006. In addition to his work with the magazines, John maintains an active music career as a composer for visual media, including television commercials, documentaries, and nationally broadcast programs. John also works as an engineer, sound designer, and programmer for a variety of artists including Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, The Eagles, and Roger Waters.

About Jeff Anderson
Award-winning producer/engineer Jeff Anderson has sat behind the board for over 600 albums in the course of his career. As the owner of one of the nation’s largest professional recording facilities (Sound Logic Recording), Anderson is no stranger to the tools of the music production trade. However, he believes strongly in independent music, and thus spends a good share of his time educating musicians on the best ways to make recordings with whatever tools they have available.

Founded as a recording studio in a Volkswagen microbus over 28 years ago, Sweetwater is now the nation's leading pro audio and musical instrument retailer. Sweetwater's personalized approach helps customers find the best gear for their needs at a great price and follows up with award-winning technical support.

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