Ohm Force Symptohm PE Synthesizer


For Mac or Windows, in VST/AU/AAX plug-in formats, Ohm Force Symptohm PE gives you more than 1,200 synthesizer presets from the full Symptohm product ($122). The free version offers you some preset customization options, such as the ability to swap oscillator waveforms with your own samples, but has some overall limitations. Still, Symptohm PE specializes in wild sounds that you can access quickly without a lot of programming. Try out the Meta Patch feature, and you’ll be off to bizzarro world.


WOK Palm Speaker - Windows VST

For Windows users only, the WOK Palm Speaker emulates the esoteric Ondes Martenot Palme Diffuseur, which Radiohead famously used on Kid A and other albums. The Palme Diffuseur is a speaker with 12 strings that resonate to a chromatic scale, and it’s great for creating evocative drone sounds. You can download Palm Speaker directly from Reverb or get it from Wok Wave as part of its larger Effect Pack.

Ghosthack Free Taster Pack


Another free sample sampler from Ghosthack takes 75 one-shot and loop WAV samples from its larger Drum Hero, Abstract Drums, Dubstep Bass Arsenal, and Downtempo Lounge products. All of those are also part of the giant 6,600 sample Ghosthack Producers’ Master Bundle, but this 173MB Taster Pack is all your to use royalty-free in any project. You get drum/percussion loops and one-shots, riser sounds, pads, SFX, basses, and other melodic sounds.


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