Next week in Berlin, the Comic-Con for synthesizer heads goes down at Superbooth18. There is already a lot of pre-show hype behind new analog modules coming out from European shops like Dreadbox and Elta Music, but for free-stuff freaks, Christmas came early in the form of the Irrupt Supersounds sample pack.

Also check out a cool new Audio Toolkit side chain compressor and the updated UVI Workstation 3

[Lead image by Angela Krill for Superbooth.]

Irrupt Supersounds


The overachieving soundware house Irrupt gathered influential figures from Berlin’s crackling modular-synth scene to record more than 400 royalty-free loops and one-shot WAV samples using their personal modular rigs for the 875 MB Supersounds pack. Irrupt says it’s meant to be a “collective snapshot of Berlin’s ever-evolving electronic music scene.” The result is quite a generous free download given as a gift to mark the occasion of Superbooth18 coming up May 3-5, 2018.

Supersounds’ samples come from some of the favorite patches, as well as spontaneous creations from seven artists, and all the WAVs come in four audio formats:

  • 44 kHz / 16 bit / mono WAV
  • 44 kHz / 24 bit / mono WAV
  • 48 kHz / 16 bit / mono WAV
  • 48 kHz / 24 bit / mono WAV

Most of the loops clock in at 122.5 BPM, and together with the one-shots, you have a very analog synth and percussion-heavy assortment suitable for many flavors of techno, as well as ambient and noise.

Supersounds participating artists: Herr Schneider, Patrick Detampel, Ebbots, Jako Jako, Henning, Attics, Perpetual Ash

Matthieu Brucher/Audio Toolkit Free ATK Side Chain Compressor Plugin


Side chain compressors let you trigger compressions on one track from the input of another track—most often used in dace music to duck the bass track from the input of the kick drum track to create both a pumping sound and to the two low-end tracks from interfering with each other too much.

If you passed on simple side chain compressor plug-ins like Nicky Romero Kickstart due the price of $15, Matthieu Brucher of the Audio Toolkit has something just for you: ATKSideChainCompressor, a free stereo side chain compressor plug-in for Mac and Windows in VST/VST3/AU formats.

ATKSideChainCompressor features:

  • Two separate channels that can be linked together
  • Middle/Side processing
  • A control between peak power and RMS detection
  • A color section (color and quality)
  • A dry/wet section for parallel compression

Audio Toolkit’s site also explains the particular advantages of ATKSideChainCompressor:

“a unique color section enables non-linear compression near the knee. A negative color lowers the gain, while a positive color increases the gain above 0dB (a simple compressor always has a gain less or equal to 0dB). In linked channels mode, both channels attach/release filters are working independently while their sum activates the single gain filter."

UVI Workstation 3 + Free Strings Libraries


A significant update to UVI’s free soundbank and sample player, UVI Workstation 3, feature a redesigned user interface that is now scalable to suit all screen sizes, Favorites tagging, and more. Workstation 3 works as a stand-alone program or a plug-in. It’s a multitimbral instrument with unlimited parts, several dozen integrated effects, a customizable arpeggiator, and it runs all UVI and UVI-Powered soundbanks.

The free download includes a modest but lovely-sounding collection of 18 presets from the Falcon 1.4 flagship UVI mega-instrument, including pads, leads synths, a Hammond-style organ, and quite a few interesting layered and evolving patches. Each one has a selection of parameters for you to adjust, and they’re all subject to Workstation 3’s power effects engine and arpeggiator.

There tons of UVI instruments and libraries, well as many third-party instruments that load into Workstation 3, but the free offerings are not nearly as prevalent as they are for Native Instruments Kontakt Player yet. Here are a couple excellent Virharmonic free libraries for UVI Workstation:


Virharmonic Cello Freebie: 800 MB, 24-bit/96kHz

Virharmonic Violin Freebie: 380 MB, 24-bit/96kHz


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