Wave Alchemy Evolution Slim Version

The recently released Evolution sample-based drum machine from Wave Alchemy gathers an impressive 28,000+ sample library from all kinds of acoustic and electronic drum and percussion sources. Then Evolution’s Kontakt Player based engine lets you layer, step sequence, parameter sequence, and effect those sounds into the beats of your dreams.


Now the completely free Slim version of Evolution lets you use the full power of the drum machine with a selection of 800 uniquely designed samples. Because you don’t need the full version of Kontakt, there’s no cost to you.

Evolution’s Slim version is 185MB unzipped, and you can get it from the Evolution product page with the “Free Demo” link.



Native Instruments has launched its Sounds.com site for finding, previewing, and downloading royalty-free loop and one-shot samples for virtually any musical genre. NI has signed up more than 200 sample producers already, and while Sounds.com is officially still in Beta, it has begun selling subscriptions for $9.99/month. 

Signing up at the free level lets you preview any sample available, from product releases, which are debuted on a daily basis, many of which are exclusive to the site.

From the home page, look for the Free Releases section, as well as the Collections section, which has some free samplers from MVP Loops, Irrupt Audio and The Loop Loft. All in all, there are currently more than 200 WAVs available for free, out of the many thousands upon thousands of samples available to subscribers. 

Subscribing lets you download as many samples as you want. As a free member, you can Save samples you like to a favorites page, so if you save enough to make it worth while, you could join for one month, download your favorites, and cancel your membership at any time. 

Gravitas Create HØST “Flip Dat” Sample Pack

If you haven’t joined up with Gravitas Create yet, now’s a good time. The music production side hustle of the Austin, Texas Gravitas label, Gravitas Create offers sample packs, production courses and other tips and advice for your music career on its blog. Some of its efforts are free to you, while others are not, but subscribing sometimes also gets you stuff over email not found on its site.

HØST - Flip Dat

For example, this week they sent out links to HØST’s new single “Flip Dat,” which you can download as an MP3 from Soundcloud. But even better, you can download 12 WAV loops and samples from the track, as well, including processed bass, percussion, atmospherics, and more. The 75MB mini-pack shows a lot of sound design prowess from this young producer. You will have to follow HØST on Spotify and/or Soundcloud to get all the goods.

Receiving the Gravitas Create newsletter will also occasionally point you toward more free stuff, like this:

Free Assassin’s Creed Sound Effects

This page lists a lot of sound effects in MP3 format—you can download from Soundcloud—from the popular Assassin’s Creed video game series.