TBProAudio Isol8 Mix Monitoring Plug-in


Producers understand that they should pay close attention to the frequency ranges of their tracks and master channel when mixing, but it can help very much to isolate those frequency ranges during the process. TBProAudio’s free Isol8 mix monitoring plug-in lets you solo or mute five adjustable frequency bands at a time, whether on the master track or individual tracks.

Hear for yourself the results in this video:


Isol8 Features:

  • 5 adjustable frequency bands
  • Solo/mute function for each band individually
  • Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter design
  • 24/48dB/Oct filter slope
  • Multiple filter channel modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
  • Multiple monitor modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
  • Adjustable output level
  • Loudness dim function
  • Large and easy to use GUI
  • 64-bit internal processing

Isotonik Studios Samsara LE Customized Granular Looper for Max for Live


Ableton Max for Live users should love the quick sound design inspiration they can derive from the Samsara LE customized granular looping device. Dillon Bastan, who has designed other commercial devices released by Ableton and Isotonik Studios, made Samsara for live performance, recording and sound design. It accesses individual grain parameters of any input audio material, and lets you play with the envelope, directionality, bandpass filters, gain, pitch, and other characteristics with LFO modulation.


Samsara LE Features:

  • Up to 36 grains
  • With start position and grain size
  • Sync option for grain size in note divisions (based on tempo and global pitch)
  • Phase spreading between grains
  • Customized volume window
  • Various playback directions (>, <, ><, <>, ?)
  • Individual bandpass filters for grains
  • Access to individual parameters per grain: Start Position, Grain Size, Pitch/Speed, Bandpass Frequency Center, Volume, Panning, Feedback (Short delay with feedback)
  • Each individual Grain parameter has option for: Spray (randomize factor of value at the start of each window), LFO, Offset
  • LFO with basic waveforms and sync rate option
  • Input Recording with options: Record in or out of a looped section of buffer, Record start/stop global quantization option, Record start/stop input signal gate option, Record appending option
  • Internal preset system for parameters
  • Does not affect sample loaded or recording parameter
  • Has a blending option, interpolating 2 adjacent presets together

ENDS JANUARY 31, 2018: Propellerhead Reason Users Get Free Positive Grid Bias FX LE Plug-in

LE Screenshot 2016-10-20 01.25.23_preview.png.10000x10000_q85

For Propellerhead Reason users only, the Positive Grid Bias FX LE plug-in, a scaled-down version of Bias FX Pro for Mac and Windows, is available to download free from the Propellerhead Shop until January 31, 2018. The plug-in includes 3 amps—the ‘77 Silvertone (Clean), ‘69 Plexiglas (Crunch), and ‘92 Treadplate (High Gain)—and 6 effects pedal simulations: a Treble Boost, 6-band EQ, an 808 OD stomp box, a chorus, digital delay, and reverb pedals. These processors take advantage of all of Bias’ high-level audio research and component-level modeling as the full-priced version.

You can download pedalboard configurations from ToneCloud—Positive Grid’s cloud-based tone community—and Bias FX LE also works as a stand-alone program.


IllGates’s Producer Dojo Mixtape & Individual Tracks

I usually only feature audio production tools, but this music giveaway feels special, as it is the culmination of one successful producer’s efforts to give back some knowledge, expertise, and mentorship to budding artists. IllGates’ Producer Dojo features some of the best students from his production courses and distributes their music, often on official releases from his label.

The Cypher 002 - All Organic Mixtape compiles two dozen Producer Dojo tracks in a 45-minute mix that you can download as a high-quality WAV. From the Soundcloud page, you can also find links to the 24 individual tracks for free download.


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