Earlier this week brought two big announcements in the realm of free, extremely high-quality instruments, both in the real of sample libraries and synthesizers.

Spitfire Audio Labs UI

First, one of the tippy-top producers of sample libraries/virtual instruments for composing to visual media and just about any other musical style, Spitfire Audio, launched its Labs series. Labs is Spitfire’s side project of putting out free sample libraries for playing within its new and free Labs plug-in instrument. The first two offerings in the Labs series are Soft Piano and Strings, both lovely sounding instruments that you can put toward all-purpose use.


Second, to go along with its announcement that the Europa wavetable synthesizer is now available as a standard plug-in for any DAW, Propellerhead also put out a free Web audio version of Europa that you can play and program from a Web browser.

Spitfire Audio Labs Series

Propellerhead Reason Europa Free Web Audio version

Function Loops Exclusive Sampler 2018

For a company that has given away a lot free sample samplers, this Exclusive Sampler 2018 pack is Funciton Loops’ biggest freebie yet. The 1.66GB unzipped collection includes well over 600 24-bit/44.1 kHz WAV loops and one-shots in the genres of trap, tech house, techno, reggaeton, psytrance, EDM, pop, deep house, and downtempo, as well as an effects folder of risers and impact sounds.

Many of these samples have never even been released in other Function Loops titles. But after trying out this bountiful bundle you’re interested in some of the plethora of Function Loops titles, this free download includes a 50% off coupon code for the company’s shop.


Thomas Rex Beverly’s Free Sounds Collection

As long as you’re taxing your hard drive, check out veteran composer, sound designer, and field recorder Thomas Rex Beverly’s more than 3GB of free 24-bit/96kHz WAV field recordings of nature sounds and other ambiances. These are excerpted from Beverly’s commercial collections and include things like chainsaws, trains, hummingbirds, thunderstorms, winds, and much more.


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