When Ableton released the Creative Extensions pack of 8 devices for Ableton Live 10 Suite users to download free earlier this month, it felt almost like a significant update to Live 10. Creative Extensions includes 1 sequencer, 2 synthesizers, and 5 audio effects that greatly enhance the overall utility of Live 10 Suite, whose users should immediately dive into that free download if they haven’t already.

To build upon that momentum, this column rounds up the best giveaway devices and packs for Ableton Live 10 users of the past few weeks. Most of them require Live 10 Suite (which includes Max for Live), but users of lower editions of Live 10 should skip down to the AfroDJMac section for some great free Wavetable presets and Instrument Devices.

Isotonik Studios Mark Towers - Multi Analyzer - Live 10 Audio Tool

In Live 10, Max for Live has the ability to route any audio inputs and outputs to and from a single Device. That helps to enable many possibilities for multitrack sidechaining, panners, 3D/spatial audio, and multichannel effects.

To commemorate this long-time-coming feature, Mark Towers put out the free Multi Analyzer Max for Live device through Isotonik Studios. Multi Analyzer is a frequency spectrum analyzer for up to four audio inputs. It shows the frequency visualization for the track you place it on, as well as up to 3 other tracks of your choice. It’s a great comparative tool for mixing.

isotonik - multi analyzer

The other options along the bottom of Multi Analyzer’s window include:

  • Freeze pauses the display.
  • Line controls the thickness of the lines on the graph.
  •  Smooth applies a sliding function to the lines, creating smoother, more gradual movements instead of faster peaks.
  •  Frames determines the frames per second for display updates when visualizing an audio signal.
  •  Log/Lin switches the frequency elements of the graph between logarithmic and linear analysis.

Envelop for Live Free Max for Live 3D-Spatial Audio Devices

E4L screen

E4L (Envelop for Live) is a free, open-source collection of spatial audio production Devices for Ableton Live Suite that help you create mixes for headphone-based 3D audio or VR/AR applications and for multichannel physical spaces (with a minimum of 4 speakers). This helps an artist to think of space as a compositional element.

These are the same software tools used to power the immersive sound experiences in the 32-speaker Envelop SF room, a permanent space within The Midway creative complex in San Francisco, where “the entire room is an instrument.”

Free Stuff 6.17.18 header

AfroDJMac Round Wavetable Preset Pack, Flute Instrument Rack, and Drum Rack

New York producer and educator AfroDJMac never stops delivering the goods, whether its his music production podcasts, subscription music production club releases, or his many free Ableton Live giveaways.


His latest batch of freebies includes the satisfying Round Wavetable Pack of presets and Instruments Racks for Live 10’s new Wavetable synthesizer. A total of 7 producers supplied 32 presets in all, ranging from bright arpeggiated patches, pads, and leads to FX sounds. Most of them include Racks with Macro controls for effects, arpeggiator settings, etc.

Rmac Flutes pack

For the RMac Flute Pack, Afro transmogrified flute samples supplied by electronic ambient flautist Rozalind MacPhail into what sounds like synthesizer leads, electric guitar, strings, and pad sounds. As always, the instruments come in Racks with processing and Macro controls at the ready.

For AfroDJMac’s blog post on using the haptic feedback Sensel Morph controllers with Ableton Live, he created an Ableton Drum Rack to use with the controllers, but anyone can use it like any other Drum Rack, whether you have the Morph controllers or any MIDI controller at all. The sounds of the kit have a chillwave/vaporwave vibe to them, and include melodic tones as well as processed drums.

sensel morph kit


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