This is a call to action, because the lead free item for this week will only be free through March 18, 2018, and only for 1,000 free licenses per day. I got mine today, and it’s working just fine, so this offer is legit.

For those of you who missed the deadline for the Gem EQ550 EQ, check out the VSToff & Umlaut Audio sound libraries/Kontakt instruments below, which are either completely free or donationware. Everyone wins on This Week in Free Stuff.

Overloud Gem EQ550 Plug-in/Standalone EQ

Free offers from top-shelf audio software developers are what we live for over here, so it was a real treat today to hear of the new Overloud Gem EQ550 plug-in and standalone EQ being free for a limited time and a limited number. From now until March 18, 2018, Overloud will give away 1,000 free licenses a day. You must also have or create an Overloud account to get the free offer. The Gem EQ550 will cost €139 / $139 after March 18th.

Overloud Gem EQ550

Overloud modeled the Gem EQ550 software after the original circuits of “the most renowned American Proportional EQ, based on custom op-amps.” You’re supposed to get the rich harmonics and saturations of the hardware, along with new additions for the software, including Band Cue for hearing the part of the frequency spectrum affected by that band; Continuous Frequency Selection, rather than the preset frequencies of the hardware; and an additional second Mid Band.

Gem EQ550 Features:

  • Realistic simulation of the original Proportional-Q equalizer, coming from Overloud’s 4th-generation DSP technology
  • 5-band EQ: 2 shelving/peaking, 2 peaking, 1 high cut, 1 bandpass
  • Individual band Cue
  • Continuous frequency selection
  • Simulation of all transformers in the original unit
  • Low CPU usage: more than 1,500 instances on a MacBook Pro Retina
  • Multilevel undo-redo
  • A/B Comparison
  • Presets designed in real mixing sessions

VSTOff Sound Design Libraries Now Donationware

I previously featured VSToff’s Flipper Mania, a cool collection of foley sounds from vintage pinball machines, many of which would work very well as percussion sounds in beats. At the time, it was VSToff’s only free product.

However, over the weekend, the 2-man team announced that all of its products—focused sound libraries that also work as instruments for the full version of Kontakt 5.5 & higher—will now be donationware. That makes them essentially free, although anything you’d like to donate will only encourage them to make more!


VSToff’s newly liberated collections include C4 Drum Kit, a set of 44 WAVs recorded from the sounds of a Citroen C4 automobile; Kick Angel, a set of kick drums with a special 9-band EQ for low frequencies; Beatbox Beast, hundreds of percussion and sound samples recorded from human beatboxers, and Harmonics, a collection of harmonic sounds from an acoustic piano.

594b6ba15d975d31da8bce45_Trailer HITS

Umlaut Audio Free Kontakt Libraries and Instruments

Los Angeles, California’s Umlaut Audio offers a very nice selection of free Kontakt instruments and sounds, including three Lite versions of larger üBeat instruments for creating drum loops and patterns. Most interesting to users who don’t own Kontakt will be the Drones: Vol. 1 and Trailer Hits: Vol. 1 collections of cinematic sounds.

Go to Umlaut’s main freebie page and have at it.


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