It’s all about professional electronic musicians giving something back this week. On the one hand, super-trippy trance/bass/EDM duo Infected Mushroom has produced four fascinating commercial plug-ins so far and has now dropped its first freebie, the single-function Wider stereo widening plug-in. On the other hand, artists such as Marc Houle and Dirty Projectors have teamed up with the online mastering and music distribution service LANDR to offer some completely free and high-quality sample packs for your music.

There’s also some complementary and complimentary plug-ins and samples packs in this loaded edition.

Infected Mushroom/Polyverse Music Wider Plug-in


Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions in AAX/AU/VST/VST3 formats for Mac or Windows, Wider creates the illusion of an expanded stereo image for any mono signal. It also ensures that any extended signal will remain in phase with itself, even if summed to mono.

Wider can create exaggerated effects of a stereo image increased up to 200%. Get it from Polyverse Music, where Infected Mushroom has produced another three wildly creative plug-ins for sale.


A1Audio A1StereoControl & A1TriggerGate

While you’re in mood for stereo widening, you can compare what Wider does with Alex Hilton’s A1StereoControl plug-in. A1StereoControl expands or limits the stereo width of single tracks, groups, bus tracks or full mixes with a single knob. A1StereoControl’s Safe Bass function centers bass frequencies in the middle of the stereo field to keep the tracks sharp with a minimum amount of effort.


Hilton has another free plug-in you’ll want to try as well, A1TriggerGate, a pattern sequenced gating effect. You can set the length and volume for each step in the sequence, and integrated effects let you apply Lowpass Filter, Drive/Distortion, and Echo/Delay. Rhythmic gating works well in just about any genre than people dance to, and if you need a dose of inspiration, A1TriggerGate’s Radom button is there for you to stumble upon greatness.


These A1Audio plug-ins come in Mac & Windows AU/AAX/RTAS/VST formats.

LANDR Samples Artist-Created Sample Packs

LANDR Samples1

Online mastering and music distribution service LANDR has introduced LANDR Samples, a curated, artist-provided free sample pack service for anyone who signs up with LANDR for free. Some of the artists providing free packs include Dirty Projectors, Mike & Keys, Blue Hawaii, Marc Houle, Jazzfeezy, and Alicia Hush. LANDR Samples has already added new sample collections since it launched, and in the future, music producers should be able to submit their own sample packs to the service.

LANDR Samples3

Function Loops Ibiza Percussion 2018 Free

Can’t enough of that free sample material? Check out a couple of extra bite-size WAV packs, including this 42MB download, including 20 percussion loops and 15 percussion one-shots from from Function Loops’ top sound designer inspired by the 2018 Ibiza club vibe.


Ghosthack Free Drum Shots

Finally, Ghosthack gives you 52 essential drum sounds, pre-equalized and ready for your sequencing and processing in your DAW or sampler. This folder includes multiple claps, kicks, hi-hats, snares, percussion sounds.


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