The delights of attending the annual Winter NAMM Show include trying out as much of the cool new gear as possible, finding your way into the best post-show parties, and of course, trying to cop as much free swag as you can carry. Most of the branded pens, post-it notes and other bric-a-brac you find is unimpressive, but you’ll still collect cheap, free guitar picks as if you could trade them for your life after the zombie apocalypse, even if you don’t play guitar.

However, most electronic musicians don’t get the chance to attend NAMM and to push through a crowd for a free 1GB USB stick like it was the last loaf of bread on the shelves before a tsunami hits. So it’s lovely that this year Intua has a NAMM giveaway that everyone can enjoy whether they attend the show or not.


Intua Beatmaker 3 for iOS

For the four days of NAMM this year—January 25-28, 2018—the Intua BeatMaker 3 audio/MIDI workstation app for iOS will be free, instead of its normal $24.99 price. The free offer does not include the additional sound packs available from the in-app store.


Beatmaker 3 lets you create your own instruments with its Drum Machine, Keyboard Sampler, and Audio Tracks, perform, sequence, mix, and export finished works. It supports Ableton Link, Audio Units, importing from your music library, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, and a host of other standards for making music from an iPad.

Don’t miss your short window to download this loaded app for free. Only during the NAMM Show 2018, January 25-28, 2018, get Beatmaker 3 from the Apple App Store.

Audiokit Pro Free Old School Toy Keyboard Loops

toy keyboards

Matthew Fecher of Audiokit Pro has released the labor of his youth as a free, edited collection of more than 800 original 16/-bit/44.1kHz WAV loops recorded from vintage Casio and Yamaha “toy” keyboards.

The somewhat rare appearance of “CD-quality” WAV files, rather than 24-bit, is because Fecher recorded these way back in the ’90s through a Sound Blaster 16-bit soundcard on a Windows ’95 computer and edited with Cool Edit software.

Now he’s finally released this collection to everyone as MIT open-source files, meaning anyone can use them, including for commercial projects.

Free Old School Toy Keyboard Loops

  • Tempo-labeled loops of vintage Yamaha PSS, PSR and Casio MT keyboards.
  • Recorded Lo-Fi through a Sound Blaster card.
  • Sounds Processed and Mangled using 1990s Computer Technology
  • 600+ Megabytes of 16-bit, 44.1k wav files
  • 800+ Original Open-source and Royalty Free samples

Hear demos and download the samples at the Audiokit Pro page.


Kately’s Haunted House Ableton Live Instrument Rack

Finally, Ableton Live users can download the new “Kately’s Haunted House” Instrument Rack made from some sounds that LA sound designer and producer Katie Gately recorded around her house. Ableton also made a couple of nice, long-form videos about Gately and her creative process for you to enjoy.


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