FREEBIE: Forte Basic Notation Software

Offer Available Until September 14
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FORTE, an intelligent music notation software, announced today that they hit the milestone of 500,000 downloads. As a celebration, they launched a giveaway campaign of FORTE Basic, an easy-to-use, affordable alternative to the complex and expensive music notation programs available today. They're giving away Free copies of this $24 software 100% Free.

A free copy of FORTE Basic can be downloaded instantly before September 14th at this site:

FORTE creates an ideal environment for hobbyists who enjoy making music. The FORTE developers are musicians themselves, so they understand how important an intuitive user interface is in order to create an enjoyable scoring experience. FORTE was developed to feature a visually attractive user interface, a new level of sound quality with a comprehensive orchestral sound library, as well as simplified features, such as added layout editing features.

FORTE is a product of the Lugert Verlag Publishing House in Handorf, Germany. The Lugert Verlag has been offering materials for music teachers and musicians, for classes in school, music schools and colleges for many years. Currently, the publishing house offers a wide assortment of magazines, schoolbooks and DVDs. Additionally, Lugert produces learning software and sells musical instruments. The FORTE program has been used in 40 countries by more than 10,000 users, and has established itself as a sustainable alternative to expensive programs. For more information, please visit