Freshtone Samples Lost Tapes Vol. 1

Style: ’60s/’70s soul and funk
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The inclusion of a reel of multitrack analog tape on the cover of Freshtone Samples’ Lost Tapes,
Vol. 1
is not a coincidence.

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Style: ’60s/’70s soul and funk

Product type: Compact construction kits with mix-andmatch library potential

Loop formats: Acidized WAV, REX2

Stats: 43 construction kits, 970 unique loops

Resolution: 44.1kHz/24-bit

Documentation: PDF with license info

This library tries—and succeeds—to capture the “analog era” through analog recording gear from the ’60s and ’70s, vintage instruments, and most importantly, vintage attitude.

The construction kits are divided into folders of jams (full mixes) and instrument loops (drums, bass, guitar, keys, stabs, fills, etc.). Sorting by instrument instead of kit isn’t standard, but with limited riffs per kit, this emphasizes the loop library aspect. Loops from different kits often work well together, although unfortunately the filenames lack key signatures (but include BPM). Acidization/ REX editing is unusually good; some sounds have too much reverb for me, but this is a ’60s/’70s project—and they loved their ’verb!

The kits are ideal for projects requiring “that” sound, while the individual loops are well-suited for adding unique elements to music from hip-hop to rock to dance. Years ago, a remix of one of my tunes couldn’t get clearance for a Stax/Volt-type sample; had this library existed, any of several loops would have worked instead.

It’s fast and easy to put material together, particularly if you stick within a kit. But it’s also fun—it’s hard to resist cracking a smile as you work with these files. This is a left-field sample library that might not end up as your most-used library, but it’s done with style, and there’s nothing else like it.

Really does re-create that vintage vibe. Excellent Acidization/ REX stretching.

Many sounds have lots of reverb. No key signatures in file names.

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