Fuhrman Introduces SB-1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply

Furman Sound has introduced the rackmountable SB-1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The SB-1000 has a 1000 VA/600W capacity from its step up/step

Furman Sound has introduced the rackmountable SB-1000Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The SB-1000 has a 1000 VA/600Wcapacity from its step up/step down multitap toroidal transformer.According to the manufacturer, this provides a 3-minute back-up with a5-amp RMS load, and 32 minutes of back-up with a typical computer andmonitor load.

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When used as a computer system back-up, the SB-1000 has a standardUTP-RJ45 network jack, which automatically saves and shuts downcritical applications. A current overload alarm activates when thedevice reaches 10 Amps total capacity, and an additional alarmactivates when the device is in battery back-up mode.

The SB-1000 has a fanless cooling system, which allows for quietoperation in critical listening environments. It also features five ACoutlets: four for backup, with a 5-amp total load, and one bypassoutlet, with a 4-amp total, for higher amperage units, allowingadditional computer peripherals and electronic devices to be safelypowered down. Additional features include selectable line voltage(110/115/120/220/230/240 VAC) and a selectable line frequency (50 or 60hertz, using internal jumpers). The front panel includes power switchesfor the backup and bypass outlets, a test switch for checking batterystatus, and a Line/Backup indicator LED.

Furman has also introduced the PowerFactor Pro, which was designedto serve as a musical instrument and amplification power conditioner.The manufacturer says its maintenance-free Series Mode Protection (SMP)technology protects equipment from voltage spikes that can severelydamage or destroy amplifiers. In addition, Furman says its Clear Tonetechnology lowers the AC line impedance supplied by the wall outlet,while storing over 45 amps of instantaneous reserve energy forpeak-current demands. They add that Furman's Linear FilteringTechnology (LIFT) lowers AC line noise in the critical audio-frequencyband. The Power Factor Pro has a 12-Amp RMS capacity, a multi-segmentAC voltmeter, a detachable-locking AC cord, and four AC outlets.

In addition, Furman has introduced the PL-8 and PL-Plus Series IIpower conditioners, which also feature SMP and LiFT technology. Thedevices include long-life, low-heat, retractable LED lights, and arear-panel BNC connector to accommodate a gooseneck lamp. For moreinformation, visit furmansound.com. (http://www.furmansound.com)