Gadget Geek: Get Touchy with Tetrax

A touch-sensitive, four-voice synth offering innovative ways to get expressive
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The Tetrax Organ from the Ciat-Lonbarde family of wooden electronic instruments is a touch-sensitive, four-voice stereo synth offering some innovative ways to get expressive. Four oscillators are represented by wooden bars embedded with fine-tuning sliders; four knobs represent master pitch and “chaos” functions that increase modulation from one oscillator to the next in a circular pattern. The bars and knobs surround a grid of 28 modulation points built from banana patch points that respond to standard CV signals; these are arranged in a grid that corresponds to the oscillators, and are color-coded to represent input and output. Other features include stereo mini jack, power switch, and optional built-in batteries or an external, 9-volt battery snap. Available for $500.33 at