Meet the synth that uses electromotors to produce sound

Gamechanger Audio debuted their new Motor Synth at Superbooth in Berlin this past week.

Motor Synth is an analog electro-mechanical synthesizer that employs a system of eight electromotors as its main sound source. It produces sounds by accelerating and decelerating them to precise rpm that correspond with specific musical notes. The Motor Synth also has magnetic pickups that are placed on each of its electromotors, as well as reflective optical disks attached to the shafts of each motor. 

Motor Synth also includes analog envelopes and filters, as well as an arpeggiator, cross and LFO modulation, sequencing, and multiple polyphonic modes. It can be played via its built-in control keys and tuning/frequency knobs, or by way of a MIDI controller.

The Motor Synth will be available through a crowdfunding campaign that starts at the end of May 2019, 

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