Announces Sonar 5 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide has announced the release of the Sonar 5 Power book by Scott R. Garrigus (author of the Cakewalk Power, Sonar Power, Sonar 2 Power, Sonar 3 Power, and Sonar 4 Power books). Sonar 5 Power is the first comprehensive guide to deal exclusively with Cakewalk Music Software’s Sonar 5 Studio and Sonar 5 Producer MIDI and digital audio sequencing applications.

Get the most out of SONAR 5 with the definitive guidebook. SONAR 5 Power! picks up where the manual leaves off, teaching you how to dig deep into the program with step-by-step examples and exercises. From initially customizing SONAR 5 to creating and producing a surround sound mix, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make your composing and recording sessions run more smoothly. Learn about MIDI and audio effects and how to use them in offline and real-time situations. Explore mixing music via software and discover how much control you can have when you’re using an on-screen software mixer. Take a look at the advanced features of SONAR 5, including StudioWare, Sysx, and CAL. Wrap things up as you learn how to prepare your completed SONAR project and burn it to a CD.

New topics covered include: Roland GrooveSynth; MIDI Effects Enhancements; Enhanced MIDI Sequencing; Advanced Step Recording; Clip-Based Effects and Editing; Track Presets and Icons; Automation Enhancements; Track Layer Enhancements; Grouping Enhancements; Multiple Editing Enhancements; V-Vocal Vocal Processor; RXP Rex Player; PSYN II Soft Synth; Pentagon Soft Synth; and more.

Also, includes the free bonus SONAR 5 CSi LE CD. This interactive CD-ROM includes 60 minutes of movie tutorials from Cool School Interactus. You’ll cover the key concepts and new features in SONAR 5, and you’ll find numerous helpful movie tutorials, including Getting Started, Software Synths, Importing Audio, Tools Overview, Editing MIDI, and Automation.

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