Multi-Platinum Engineers Release New Microphone
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Gauge Precision Instruments, Inc., the collaboration of multi-platinum recording engineers Chandler Bridges and Rob Chiarelli, is pleased to announce their new microphone.

The ECM-87 is a large diaphragm, cardioid condenser microphone that is ideal for recording vocals, guitars, drums. The fully-gradient transformerless design makes it the perfect choice for recording the human voice, guitars, drums and all acoustic instruments.

With ultra-low self noise and high sound pressure rating, the ECM-87 faithfully captures the dynamics and nuances of the human voice across a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range. It is equally impressive with recording drums and stringed instruments, such as the acoustic guitar.

During its November debut this year, the ECM-87 was quickly recognized as having a classic look and feel, with solid construction and faithful sound reproduction across the entire bandwidth.

The ECM-87 was immediately compared to microphones costing many times the price, as each ECM-87 is hand selected and ear tested by both Bridges and Chiarelli.

Please visit the Gauge website at for more information and recorded examples.