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Guitar World presents Gear Up For Fall! One lucky winner will go home with all the great prizes on this page. Check out what you can win, and enter below. Contest ends October 31, 2016.

108 Rock Star Guitars book
The rich saturation of color in Lisa S. Johnson's ground-breaking photographic vision documents not only some of culture's most important rock star guitars, it also recounts how the instrument itself has become the essential symbol of rock. Johnson accompanies her images with text cultivated from her experiences and interviews that personify the musician who plays the instrument. Here, the guitar is made exotic, sensuous, and evocative - it transforms from an instrument into an artwork. Some of the guitars included are those of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Rick Nielsen, Zakk Wylde, Chrissie Hynde, Ace Frehley, Keith Richards, Eric Johnson and many others. Foreword by the late, legendary Les Paul.

MSRP: $54.00 | MORE INFO

Andrew White Guitars - Production Series
This Freja 103J is equipped with Jatoba back and sides and a Solid Jatoba soundboard. The guitar has a 25.5" scale length, an Indian Rosewood Fretboard and Bridge, a 1 11/16" nut width, and a very nice inlay of crop circle on the fretboard – a beautiful instrument all around.

MSRP: $989.99 | MORE INFO

Carvin V3M 3 Channel All Tube Micro Head
The V3M amp was a huge hit at the 2011 NAMM Show, with players raving about the amazing sound and versatility. It was awarded Best of Show. The small size and selectable power output makes the V3M ideal for dorms, apartments, as well as live performances and recording when mic'd or connected directly to the board. The 50-watt V3M amp is the musician's dream, delivering awesome power with incredible tone including lush reverb. Nearly half the size of the V3 100w head, the V3M offers nearly the same features. Its powerful 50w output easily drives a 4 X 12 half stack, while the 7 or 22-watt setting delivers sweet saturation at low levels. The all-tube channels can be engaged with your footswitch for normal shimmering highs and deep bass. Switch the channel to classic rock with the deepest metal crunch or continuous sustain. Never before has there been so much tone and power from a micro series.

Price: $699 | MORE INFO

EarthQuaker Devices - Avalanche Run delay and reverb
The Avalanche Run is a dreamy sonic discovery device with up to 2 seconds of delay time and a lush reverb. Using a high-powered, proprietary DSP platform to recreate all the characteristics of all our old favorite delay and reverb machines, it features complete, intuitive control over delay time, repeats, mix and voice (with the tone control), as well as control over the reverb length and mix. It can run in one of three different modes: Normal, Reverse and Swell. The Avalanche Run features stereo in and out capabilities, along with an expression jack that can be assigned to one of six different controls using the “EXP” selector switch. It also features Tap Tempo with six different ratios accessed via the “Ratio” selector switch. The Avalanche Run can also be run in “True Bypass” mode or “Buffered Bypass” mode for trails and features five different tail lengths, including “Infinite” for lo-fi and continuously degrading pseudo-looping. While in Normal and Swell mode, you can send the Avalanche Run into self-oscillation by holding down the “Tap” footswitch. In Reverse mode, holding down the Tap switch will flip the delay back into Normal mode and return to Reverse mode once released! Each and every Avalanche Run is completely assembled, wired and tested by total human beans in the tiny tundra town of Akron, Ohio.

Street price: $295 | MORE INFO

Empress Effects – 'Reverb'
Realistic simulations of spaces, as well as never-before-heard surreal ambiances are represented with stunning sound quality. Sporting stereo ins and outs, a small footprint and all the controls at your finger-tips, it strikes the perfect balance of control and ease of use, avoiding laborious menus. Presets, the versatile control port, and MIDI open up a world of possibilities for live performances. Whether you're looking for a classic spring, realistic room or new sonic flavors to expand your creativity, this pedal delivers.'s got a beer mode!

Street price: $449 | MORE INFO

GODLYKE – TWA Wah Rocker®
Based on the vintage Guyatone WR-3 circuit, the TWA Wah Rocker® nails the squawky, slippery, super-funked-up envelope filtering of the vintage version. Hand-assembled in the USA, the TWA Wah Rocker features several updates that greatly improve on its functionality and performance compared to the original.

Street Price: $189 | MORE INFO

Guitar Shop Tees – T-Shirt Club for Guitarists
Wear your passion for all things guitar with a subscription to GUITAR SHOP TEES. Each month, subscribers receive a limited edition T-shirt from one of the world's very best guitar shops, along with special offers and amazing extras! Perfect for every guitar player, collector and fan!

Price: $22 per month | MORE INFO

Kiesel Guitars – Lee McKinney Signature Series LPM7C 7-string guitar
Kiesel Guitars and the Carvin Guitars Custom Shop is excited to team up with Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney to announce the Lee McKinney Signature Series LPM7C 7-string guitar. The LPM7C is made in the USA and loaded with features, along with having Kiesel Guitars' full complement of Custom Shop options available. Equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo with acoustic saddles and separate acoustic output, plus Lee's personal 12th fret mother-of-pearl inlay. It's a boutique instrument without the boutique price.

Direct sale price: $1249 | MORE INFO

Lollar – Raw Power Pickups
The Stooges Raw Power album released in 1973 with guitarist James Williamson eventually gained a cult following. Like its predecessor, 1970’s Fun House, it’s generally considered an influential forerunner of punk rock. James left the Les Paul Custom used on Raw Power at the Lollar shop for a number of weeks during which they took the ‘60s T-Top pickups apart and recorded detailed measurements. With James’ permission, Lollar are offering duplications of this original pickup set. According to James, “My 1969 Les Paul Custom was used to record Raw Power with Iggy and the Stooges and pretty much every other record I've ever made. I sent this guitar to Jason Lollar and he matched the characteristics of these pickups so that I could get the same sound in all of my touring guitars (I never take this one on the road). Jason did an incredible job of replicating these pickups and I have told him he could sell them with my blessing to anyone who wants to get my kind of sound.”

Price (for pair): $370 | MORE INFO

LR Baggs – Stadium DI™ Studio-Grade Bass DI for the Stage
Originally developed by the bass-playing engineers at LR Baggs for their own use, the Stadium Electric Bass DI infuses your signal with a blend of studio-grade circuitry and a vibrant palette of unique, tone shaping tools. Composed of carefully selected, “top shelf” components, the all-discrete electronics provide a level of fidelity that rivals even the most sought after studio DIs. Engage the effects to unveil an expansive range of colorful tones shaped by just a few powerful and easy-to-use controls. Built in a rugged enclosure constructed of aluminum, steel, and ABS plastic, the Stadium DI ensures over-the-top reliability for life on the road. Hand assembled in California.

Price: $249 Street | MORE INFO

S.I.T. – Power Wound Nickel-Plated Steel Electric guitar strings (20 sets)
Nickel-plated cover wrap over a hard-tempered hex core. Our most popular and widely used electric guitar set. Great tone and longevity, suitable for almost all applications. They are also available in the widest variety of gauges and combinations. Made in the USA.

Price: $6.99 per set | MORE INFO

Tone Bakery – Crème de la Crème pedal
The Tone Bakery Crème de la Crème is a smooth, open-sounding boost-overdrive with a separately footswitchable gain stage. The gain stage can be used either for clipping, through a pair of NOS Tungsram OA1160 germanium diodes, or for a second stage of transparent clean boost. Users include:
• Matt Beck (Gwen Stefani, Rob Thomas, Andy Grammer)
• Brian Layson (Dierks Bentley)
• Aaron Andersen (One Republic, Christina Aguilera)
• Dwayne Larring (Kelly Clarkson, Nick Carter, Audio Adrenaline, Sonicflood, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes)
• Stu G (Delirious, Paul Baloche, Steven Curtis Chapman)
• Christopher James (Zella Day)

Price: $129 | MORE INFO

Volume & Tone – Guitar Straps and Pick Key Fob
The Volume & Tone Signature Guitar Strap in Slate Gray Bridle leather–
The Signature guitar strap is a Volume & Tone exclusive. Designed by Creative Director Lane Tabb, this inventive strap features a unique extension system using antique brass collar buttons inspired by military and cavalry hardware. Stylish and sleek, this strap is made of one piece of solid vegetable-tanned Bridle leather, which is traditionally used for saddle making. It molds to your body over time and will last a lifetime with proper care. Due to the natural finishing of this leather, it distresses over time and is part of the beauty of the strap. Comes in regular length or XL.

Price: $69.50

Volume & Tone Standard Guitar Strap Distressed with Studs in color Brick–
The Standard is our best-selling strap and a classic. Supple vegetable-tanned, hand-finished leather. It will break in beautifully over time and will last the lifetime of your guitar. This special edition of the Standard Strap has a vintage, aged, distressed edge with antique brass studding - all done by hand by our Volume & Tone artisans. Comes in regular length or XL

Price: $79.50

The Pick Key Fob in Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather –
Always have your pick handy. This rock 'n' roll inspired Key Fob is made with our signature vegetable-tanned Bridle leather and solid brass finishings.

Price: $22.50 | MORE INFO

Walrus Audio – 385 Overdrive
Dynamic, responsive, tube-like, and amp-like. Walrus Audio is extremely excited to announce the new 385 Overdrive that is boastfully responsible for all those adjectives. For decades now, guitarists in search of pure tone have been taking the tube-powered audio sections of vintage film projectors and using it as a guitar amp. Head’s up – it sounds amazing. After endless hours of research on vintage Bell and Howell 385 Filmosound projector, Walrus has created a fantastic new overdrive modeled after the projector’s tone. The Bell and Howell 385 gracefully lends itself to create an amazing guitar amp. Its simple, but effective controls, plus dual 6V6 output section make for a simple and extremely responsive amp that has an amazing compressed overdrive when cranked.

This was the sound and feel Walrus needed to shoot for in an amp-like pedal. The 385 was developed to have the same simple but effective tone control as its grandfather. The amp has this as well, but bass and treble are stacked behind the single tone knob. With our design breaking them up, we allow for a much wider array of tones to be achieved. The user is able to boost and cut bass and treble, allowing them to be creative with mid-frequency scoops and bumps. The pedal is internally running at 18v, which helps us nail the same dynamic feel of the amp in a stomp box. This means it is extremely sensitive to how hard you dig in – just like the amp.

Price: $199 | MORE INFO