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For a limited time, you can save big on one of the great Virtual Modular Synths of our time, Tassman, by Applied Acoustics Systems. Starting June 21st, through July 31st, Tassman can be purchased for only $99! That's $250 off the normal retail price of $349!

Tassman is a dream world where you can create monster hybrid synths by combining subtractive, additive, FM and acoustic objects. It comes with 50 synthesizers and over 1,000 presets! These offer a nearly infinite range of creative possibilities, from highly realistic emulations of acoustic instruments, analog and FM synthesizers, to loop processors and unique hybrid creations simply not possible by any other means.

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Tassman can be used as a synthesizer and a real-time audio effects processor, too. For example, acoustic resonators can be used to add unique textures to your sound, or you can use Tassman as an effect plug-in in your favorite host application, for unusual sound design effects.

Tassman uses physical modeling, which has several benefits, including:

Sound design that gets to the "core" of the sound

Presets that load in a flash

Super smooth dynamics—no velocity layers!

Small memory footprint

Installs in less than a minute

Don't miss this chance to get Tassman at an incredible price! Buy Tassman from your favorite dealer or download it today from ILIO.