Get Fast, Accurate Tuning With N-Tune’s Breakthrough Onboard Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Back in 2003, two tech industry veterans (and part-time guitar players) got together to play some music. Frustrated while trying to find a tuner, Seth Demsey and Tom Lorimor hit upon the genesis of an idea: Why wasn’t there a tuner available ‘onboard’ the guitar?

With that question, Zero Crossing’s debut product, the patent pending N-Tune Onboard Chromatic Tuner, was born. Fast forward to 2008, and N-Tune announces the world’s most convenient solution for fast, accurate guitar tuning—on stage, in studio or wherever. The concept is simple: just pull your guitar’s volume knob up, silently tune up in seconds then push it back down to play.

“We’re so excited about what N-Tune offers versus other tuners in the market,” commented Sam Sudore, Zero Crossing President and CEO. “Stompbox tuners alter your tone, hand-held tuners are easy to lose, and clip-on tuners, well… they just plain suck. With its onboard, true-bypass design, N-Tune solves all these problems — and is impervious to sweat, crud, and noise from stage lights. The response from guitar players has been phenomenal.”

N-Tune installs seamlessly and inconspicuously into most guitars using standard tools, and requires no permanent modifications. It is available in both Fender- and Gibson-style designs. Better still, with its true bypass circuitry and string detection technology, N-Tune gives the guitarist superb, uncompromised tone and fast, accurate tuning that’s always right at your fingertips.

MSRP $100.

To experience N-Tune’s tuning interface and functionality, check out our FREE Web Tuner in your browser of choice. The Web Tuner can be added to any website, blog or myspace page. Just paste the HTML from: into your web page wherever you want the Web Tuner to show up.

About N-Tune
N-Tune, founded in 2002 and based in Seattle, WA, is the brainchild of Seth Demsey, Chairman, Sam Sudore, President/CEO, and Tom Lorimor, CTO. With over 30+ years of collective software and technology experience (put to good-not-evil use at iconic companies including NASA, Microsoft, and Google), they set out to offer affordable and practical solutions for musicians of all proficiency levels. The N-Tune Chromatic Tuner is the first of many products slated for release in 2008.