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BERKLEE PRESS Berklee Press, the publishing division of the Berklee College of Music, has released its first interactive DVD disc. Jim Kelly's Guitar

BERKLEE PRESSBerklee Press, the publishing division of the Berklee College of Music, has released its first interactive DVD disc. Jim Kelly's Guitar Workshop (Mac/Win; $29.95) is an instructional disc that provides full- screen, full-motion video and CD-quality audio. The disc is designed to provide intermediate and advanced guitarists with lessons that represent a cross-section of modern guitar styles, and song forms that reflect the sounds of guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Wes Montgomery, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Multiple language tracks let you take the lessons in English, Spanish, or Japanese.

Using the DVD, you can choose what material to cover and thereby progress at your own rate. You can search for songs on the disc either by style or by title. Each song features video clips of Kelly, and you can view him playing from three angles: full body, left hand only, and right hand only. Any or all of these can be viewed at any time during playback.

Jim Kelly's Guitar Workshop can be used with DVD-compatible PCs or Macintoshes. Berklee Press; tel. (617) 747-2146; fax (617) 747-2149; e-mail; Web

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Alfred PublishingAlfred's Essentials of Music Theory, vol. 1, CD-ROM (Mac/Win; student version $29.95; educator version $99.95) offers lessons in basic theory with an emphasis on ear training. The program, which is based on the best-selling book series of the same name, uses demonstrations played on piano, trumpet, flute, clarinet, sax, and violin to demonstrate concepts aurally and includes musical examples from a variety of periods and cultures. Lessons are narrated to aid with pronunciation of new musical terms and to help younger students who might not yet read fluently.

Exercises reinforce each new concept and are ordered randomly, so students can replay exercise sections as needed for practice. Each unit of the course culminates with a review that is scored so that students can monitor their progress. The Educator version includes record-keeping capability for the scores of up to 200 students.

The program also includes a Glossary and Index of Terms and Symbols, which gives definitions of all terms and symbols covered in the lessons, with spoken pronunciations and aural examples to illustrate entries. Volumes 2 and 3 of the program are scheduled to be released next January.

The Macintosh version requires at least a 68040 processor running Mac OS 7.1, 16 MB of RAM, and a 4x CD-ROM drive. Minimum requirements for the PC are a 486-DX2 CPU running at 66 MHz, Windows 3.x or higher, 16 MB of RAM, a Windows-compatible sound card, and a 4x CD-ROM drive. Alfred Publishing; tel. (818) 891-5999; fax (818) 891-2182; Web

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AKAIAkai has released the GCF1 guitar chord finder ($19.95), a device the size of a business card that has a library of 324 guitar chords and 905 patterns. The GCF1's LCD can display more than 900 chords, with different voicings and chord inversions. These are shown in a guitar tablature- style grid that displays a 6- string, 4-fret area.

Using buttons on the face of the GCF1, you can search for specific chord, notes within a given key signature, chord inversions, and tensions. An on/off button is found on the GCF1's face, and the unit shuts off automatically after five minutes without use. The GCF1 requires two AA batteries. Akai Musical Instrument Corporation; tel. (800) 433-5627 or (817) 831-9203; fax (817) 222-1490; e-mail; Web www A

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New from Metric Halo Labs are two plug-in versions of the company's SpectraFoo audio-analysis software ($100 to $1,000, depending on features included). One version is written for the MOTU Audio System, the other for Pro Tools/Mix systems. Each version allows SpectraFoo to be used on up to 24 channels. Another plug-in newly ported to the MOTU Audio System is Auto-Tune ($399), from Antares Audio Technologies. The company has also released a less expensive VST version of the pitch-correction software. Auto-Tune VST LE ($99) differs from other versions only in that it lacks the Graphical Mode for detailed tweaking.Sibelius Software is shipping the Mac version of its Sibelius notation software ($599). This version is a completely Macintosh-native application, and it uses the same file format as the Windows version, so you can easily load Sibelius scores on either platform.Symbolic Sound has released a new version of its Kyma sound-design workstation hardware. The Capybara 320 Sound Computation Engine ($3,300) has 24-bit converters, four Motorola DSP56309 chips, and 96 MB of sample RAM. In addition, the unit features extensive synchronization options and the ability to add DSP chips, I/O, and sample RAM.E-mu has released version 4.0 of the EOS operating system for Emulator 4 samplers. Also newly available for the Emulator 4 are the ADAT I/O and DWAM cards ($549 and $395, respectively). The ADAT I/O lets you sample on two of its eight Lightpipe input channels and output 16 tracks of audio on two 8-channel streams. The DWAM card gives you MIDI, AES/EBU, and word-clock I/O, as well as an ASCII connection, so you can use your sampler with a PC-compatible keyboard.TC Electronic is now distributing and marketing Dynaudio Acoustics products.