Ghostface, Fool's Gold Create Hi-Art Emojis

Mobile App Features Musician-Designed Stickers and Emoticons
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Today marks the launch of Hi-Art for iOS, a sticker app that reinvents the way we think about emojis & emoticons. Hi-Art 

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stickers are used in SMS and chat, but unlike traditional emojis, they’re larger and more detailed, allowing for greater creative possibilities. This is the backbone of the company. Hi-Art works with seminal artists, musicians, and celebrities to create and design original works of art which are grouped into sticker packs for users to browse and share.

On Hi-Art, users can:

Browse over 1,000 stickers.

Search for stickers based on artists names or keywords.

Save stickers to a personal collection or camera roll.

Share stickers with friends via SMS text, iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What distinguishes Hi-Art is that contemporary artists are actually creating original content for the app, as well as designing custom stickers for rappers, and celebrities. As opposed to sending your friend a yellow smiley face, you can send a woman smiling drinking champagne from artist Todd James, or a dancing GIF of Jason Derulo. They're bringing a popular culture vibe and a downtown NY sensibility to the way we communicate.

Starting today the app launches with sticker packs from Ghostface Killah, Todd James, Jason Derulo, Claw Money and more. The app is free to download, and currently features hundreds of free stickers. The premium “artist packs” range from free to $0.99. There are twenty five artist packs available now, with new releases every other week.

Artists/Celebrities For Launch June 18th:

Jason Derulo * Ghostface Killah * Claw Money (Claudia Gold) * Todd James (REAS) * Ron English * Fadeproof (Antonio Jiminez) * Vizie (Patrick Griffin) Bigfoot * Ewok One * Nick Atkins * Dee & Ricky * Dust La Rock (Joshua Prince) * Great Graphics (Chandra Larsson) * Duel (Matt Lee) * Paul St. Savage * BoweryBob * Dan Santoro * Joe Newton * Seventh Letter * Totem

Artists to Come After Launch:

Jimbo Phillips * Steve Powers (ESPO) * Curtis Kulig (Love Me) * Misfits * Fool’s Gold Record

The company was founded by Nico Dios, whose rich history includes being a part of NYC's legendary culture-shifting graffiti crew IRAK. As an artist himself, Dios has shown works in his native New York, LA, Milan and Paris.

According to Dios, “Never before has this level of creativity been able to be used in text conversations in such a seamless way. As we looked through the emoji and sticker content that was out there, we noticed it did not adequately represent youth culture. Having grown up around the people and scenes driving cultural trends and movements like music, art, graffiti, and skateboarding, we felt uniquely positioned to infuse certain tastes and styles that were previously lacking.”

Download the Hi-Art app here. For more information, visit