Gig Performer 1.8.3 Live Performance Plug-in Host Now Available

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The Deskew Technologies Gig Performer 1.8.3 live performance host for VST and AU plug-ins has been updated to v1.8.3 and is available through its distributor, ILIO.

The free 1.8.3 update now make controlling plug-ins live even more seamless, with smoother transitions and better MIDI channel and NoteOn/NoteOff handling. Deskew continually makes improvements to Gig Performer for incremental updates.

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(See Keyboard's February 2017 review of Gig Performer.)

Take Your Favorite Plug-ins on the Road
Gig Performer is the bulletproof, flexible, easy to use, and CPU-friendly plug-in host. Created by brilliant musician-engineers and road-tested on countless gigs, Gig Performer thrives on stage.

Whether you're a keyboard player with a huge virtual piano-synth rig, a guitar player with multiple massive effects racks, or a front of house engineer running sound through an array of compressors and EQs, Gig Performer makes it all happen.

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Test drive Gig Performer free for 14 days, only at or your favorite dealer. It sells for $149 or as bundled with both Mac and Window versions for $199.