GIK Introduces Evolution Polyfuser

Panel Transitions from Bass Trap to Diffusor
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GIK Acoustics, a leading manufacturer and seller of top-quality acoustical absorption and diffusion products, has announced their latest product offering: the GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor - a curved panel that smoothly transitions from a low-frequency bass trap to a mid- to upper-frequency diffusor.

The GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor© is a combination of a polycylindrical diffusor and an absorber merged into a single unit. Polycylindrical diffusors, or polyfusors, are known for their excellent dispersion characteristics over a very wide range. The curved front plate allows for virtually perfect spatial diffusion, while letting lower frequency waves pass through to the cavity of absorption behind.

The Evolution PolyFusor is best used in multiples to keep the sound spread evenly throughout the room, and to help with low frequency build up and standing waves. The Evolution PolyFusor is a great addition to a room where wide band dispersion is needed, especially as an addition to deep corner bass traps and other absorbers.

Features of the Evolution PolyFusor:

  • Poly diffusors are known for their excellent dispersion characteristics, the Evolution PolyFusor is virtually a perfect spatial diffusor
  • Standard dimensions: 48″ tall and 24” across with a narrow 5.25″ profile that hugs the walls
  • Thin wood poly allows low frequency waves in for low end absorption
  • Ideal on the front wall, rear sidewalls or back wall of control rooms. Ideal basically anywhere in a live/recording room
  • The Evolution PolyFusor smoothly transitions from a bass trap at 80Hz, to upper-bass/lower-mid scattering device, to diffusor. Starts diffusing at 600Hz. Lab tested!
  • When properly used in multiples, in relation to boundaries and/or with absorption, the Evolution PolyFusor? sounds neutral but provides a bigger feel psychoacoustically

The Evolution PolyFusor provides a great mix of absorption and diffusion capabilities. GIK Acoustics president Glenn Kuras adds, “While polycylindrical diffusors have been used for a long time, our Evolution PolyFusor is a unique product that was previously missing from the marketplace. It’s the best of both worlds – a diffusor and an absorber. We are proud to offer a proven and tested product.”

For pricing, lab test results and more information on the Evolution PolyFusor, visit our product page:

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