Godlyke Releases TWA Little Dipper Envelope-Controlled Filter

Godlyke, Inc. Totally Wycked Audio (TWA) line of boutique effect pedals includes the WA Little Dipper Envelope-Controlled Filter.
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Godlyke, Inc. has announced the Totally Wycked Audio (TWA) line of boutique effect pedals. Thus far, the TWA line includes the LD-01 Little Dipper, to be released during the 2nd quarter of 2009.

The Little Dipper is an envelope-controlled vocal formant filter based on a classic 1970s circuit. According to the manufacturer, its dual filters react to playing dynamics, creating peaks and notches that simulate the vowel sounds of human speech. The Little Dipper allows you to emulate talk boxes, auto-wahs, filters and phase shifters, as well as create your own vocal wah-sounds. The unit features a built-in fuzz circuit, noise-gate trim pots, full frequency response with low-noise operation, mechanical true-bypass switching and more. The Little Dipper has a 16-gauge bent steel chassis with heavy-duty powder coating and a celestial LED display.

For more information, please visit www.godlyke.com.