Godlyke Releases TWA Little Dipper Envelope Filter

An Envelope-Controlled Vocal Formant Filter Based on a Classic 70’s Circuit
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TWA releases Little Dipper Mk II envelope-controlled formant filter

Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the TWA LD-02 Little Dipper Mk II. 

The Little Dipper is an envelope-controlled vocal formant filter based on a classic 70’s circuit. Its dual filters react to playing dynamics, creating peaks and notches that simulate the vowel sounds of human speech. The Little Dipper can emulate talk boxes, wah-wahs, filters, and phase shifters, all with strikingly realistic vocal qualities. A built-in fuzz circuit emphasizes harmonics for a more dramatic effect while dry blend and noise gate controls provide a full-frequency response with low-noise operation.

The Little Dipper Mk II features the following –

•Ascension control adjusts strength of filtering effect
•Diffraction control adjust strength of fuzz effect
•5-way Inclination slider selects vocal formant effect
•7-way Occultation rotary switch offers several EQ and filter timing variations
•Low Boost switch for increased low frequency response
•Internal Dry Blend trim pot
•Internal Noise Gate trim pot
•Internal Output Level trim pot
•Expression pedal input for outboard control of Ascension pot
•External 9 VDC power required (no battery option)
•Proprietary S3™ “Shortest Send Switching” relay-based True Bypass switching
• “Ursa Minor” status LED array
•3-year warranty
•Made in USA
•Street Price $299

For more info on Totally Wycked Audio products, including video demos of the Little Dipper Mk II, please visit our website www.godlyke.com, e-mail us at info@godlyke.com or call us toll-free at 866-246-3595 (international dial 973-777-7477).