GospelKeyboard Releases Urban Worship Xtreme Instructional DVD

Urban Worship Xtreme is designed to jump start you into the next phase of your playing. Urban Worship Xtreme is packed with chord progressions, variations, substitutions, licks, tricks, jazz, neo soul, and slow chord movements that you''ve been craving for! If you are looking for the phatness then this DVD accomplishes that.

We have also employed LMS Technology (Live-Midi-Sync) in which you will be able to see the keys of the keyboard lit up as each note and chord is played. So for those of you who strictly play by ear, you will be able to see every note, chord, lick, and trick. In addition, unlike a traditional teacher, the benefit of the DVD is that you will be able to slow down, speed up, or pause whenever you need to.

We believe that this DVD will launch you into your next phase of your playing by providing some nice chords and tricks that you hear all of the time on the radio.


  • Amazing 4-Disc Set with over 8-Hours of total video footage
  • LMS Technology--Live MIDI Sync is a process developed that syncs the live playing and MIDI together and displays it on a virtual keyboard on top
  • Theory and Sheet Music Included
  • DVD and documentation DVD-ROM containing PDF and MIDI files of each lesson
  • DVD-ROM Including over 3-Hours of EXTRA video footage
  • Overhead Keyboard view
  • Special performance mode lessons for Yamaha Motif keyboard

For more information, visit their web site at www.gospelkeyboard.com.