Got plugs? Rename, exclude, enable, and swap presets

Objective: Personalize the plug-in menus for improved ease of use.Background: When you go to insert an audio plug-in or soft synth, Sonar 5 will show you all available plug-ins — but do you really want the default display? For example, you can rename plug-ins based on function rather than manufacturer so all choruses, delays, reverbs, and so on appear together. Or you might want to exclude some plug-ins from showing up . . . or even exchange plug-in presets with another Sonar user. Here’s how.

1. Go Tools > SONAR Plug-in Manager.

2. In the left pane, select the plug-in category containing the plug-ins you want to rename (or otherwise manage). Here, VST Instruments is selected.

3. Double-click on the name of the device you want to rename. A pop-up window appears with the name.

4. Enter the new name, then click OK.

5. To prevent a plug-in from appearing in the list of available plug-ins, click on it in the right pane, then click the Exclude button.

6. If you click on a plug-in and the Manage button is not grayed out, that means presets are available for renaming or deleting. Click Manage, then highlight the preset you want to rename or delete.