Groove Monkee and DigiFreq Announce MIDI Loops Giveaway Contest

Groove Monkee and DigiFreq today announced that together they are sponsoring the Groove Monkee MIDI Loops giveaway contest.

Three lucky winners will each win one of the following prizes:

  • First Prize includes ALL 7 Groove Monke MIDI loop libraries (7,000+ beats! Funk/Hip Hop/R&B, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Metal, and Country - this includes BFD files too)
  • Second Prize includes the winner's choice of any one Groove Monkee MIDI Producer Pack.
  • Third Prize includes the winner's choice of any one Groove MOnkee MIDI genre or style pack.

Groove Monkee creates MIDI drum loops in a wide variety of styles. Designed to be as realistic as possible, their grooves employ a wide variety of techniques such as drags, flat and double flams, ghost notes, inter-kit dynamics along with extensive timing and velocity variations. If you're a Cakewalk and BFD and/or Drumkit from Hell Superior user, all Groove Monkee collections ship with a set of tools to make working with MIDI easier.

Music technology users who would like the chance to win a Groove Monkee MIDI Loop package can sign-up at the DigiFreq web site: