Groove Monkee and DigiFreq Announce MIDI Loops Giveaway Contest

Groove Monkee and DigiFreq today announced that together they are sponsoring the Groove Monkee MIDI Loops giveaway contest.
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Three lucky winners will each win one of the following prizes:

  • First Prize includes ALL 7 Groove Monke MIDI loop libraries (7,000+ beats! Funk/Hip Hop/R&B, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Metal, and Country - this includes BFD files too)
  • Second Prize includes the winner's choice of any one Groove Monkee MIDI Producer Pack.
  • Third Prize includes the winner's choice of any one Groove MOnkee MIDI genre or style pack.

Groove Monkee creates MIDI drum loops in a wide variety of styles. Designed to be as realistic as possible, their grooves employ a wide variety of techniques such as drags, flat and double flams, ghost notes, inter-kit dynamics along with extensive timing and velocity variations. If you're a Cakewalk and BFD and/or Drumkit from Hell Superior user, all Groove Monkee collections ship with a set of tools to make working with MIDI easier.

Music technology users who would like the chance to win a Groove Monkee MIDI Loop package can sign-up at the DigiFreq web site: