Groove3 Introduces 'Omnisphere 2 Explained' Tutorial Series

Four Hours of Content Available
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Become an Omnisphere 2 PRO

You have already heard that Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2 is the most amazing new software synth release in years. Wouldn't it be great to dive into its wealth of features and really understand how to get the most out of it? ILIO is very pleased to present a fantastic new video tutorial series from Groove3, Omnisphere 2 Explained — over four hours of video, on sale now for only $30!

The Sphere Reimagined

Eli Krantzberg hosts a new series on Spectrasonics' flagship virtual instrument, Omnisphere 2. In this comprehensive series, Eli covers every aspect of this powerful and versatile instrument, and teaches you how to use it creatively!

Starting with Omnisphere 2's vast library, Eli explores the Browser, How To Search, Filter Your Search, Load Sounds, Import Audio, and Work With Projects. From there, Eli dives into working with the Synth Engine, going deep into Layers, Oscillators, Sample Mode, Synthesis Controls, and the various Modes.

Next, Eli details the Filter and Modulation options, including techniques for Animating Your Sounds and Working With Effects. Finally, Eli covers Multi-Timbral Mode, Stack Mode, Latch & Trigger Modes, Live Modes, and Optimizing System Performance.

Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2 is one of the deepest virtual instruments available today, and whether you're just getting started or a power user looking for expert tips, this tutorial series will reveal its secrets. Just a few hours investment of time will yield years of creative and inspiring results as you learn to navigate Omnisphere 2's extensive feature set. Watch Omnisphere 2 Explained today!

Product Highlights

  • 44 tutorials / Over 4 hours total runtime for only $30!
  • For all beginner to intermediate Omnisphere 2 users
  • Tutorials written by DAW guru Eli Krantzberg
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
  • Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod

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