Released in June last year, Groovebox for iOS is a free-to-download Beats & Synths Studio for iPhone and iPad. Today, Groovebox gets a brand new wavetable synthesizer to add to it’s collection of powerful synth modules. MiniMon is a contemporary, cutting edge mono wavetable synth; a new go-to choice for punchy bass riffs, or rich detailed leads. Available now as an In-App Purchase.

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Also newly available for Groovebox is the Pro Features Collection. Go Pro and get all four Groovebox instruments in one simple bundle, including Drumbox, RetroBass, Poly-8 and the new MiniMon.

New Features

• MiniMon Synth* - New mono wavetable synthesizer

• Pro Features Collection* - Go Pro and get all four Groovebox instruments in one. Includes Drumbox, RetroBass, Poly-8 and the new MiniMon

* In-App Purchase

In-App Purchase Pricing

• MiniMon Synth - £4.99. $4.99. €5.49

• Pro Features Collection - £14.99. $14.99. €16.99

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Download Groovebox for iOS free

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Ampify x Novation

Ampify, a unique team of music instrument pioneers formed from Novation, has made for some of the most popular music creation and remixing apps on Apple’s App Store. Launchpad for iOS has nearly 8 million downloads; Blocs Wave for iOS won a number of awards; and Groovebox explores new ways to create mobile music.