Grove Hill Audio Introduces the Liverpool- All-tube, Feedback, Mu Compressor.

Hybrid of Both the American Compressor and the British Modified Compressor
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Map $1,295.00

The LIVERPOOL Tube Compressor inspires creativity and has a sound reminiscent of world famous Mu compressors in use at major studios.

We did a little hot rodding to the Liverpool – you can push it harder on the front end and the back end creating a useful creative tool. This is why the product is unique and NOT a clone. It is a hybrid of both the American compressor and the British modified compressor with modern enhancements, carefully thought out in the spirit of the original Mu tube compressor, but new to the market with additional design enhancements.

The LIVERPOOL compressor took well over a year to recreate the sonic character relative to the units still in use today. Custom wound input and output transformers (Made in the USA), critical component choices and circuit layout were all carefully considered in developing a reliable creative tool for a wide variety of instruments, vocals and program sources.

We feel that the young talented artists worthy of great equipment should be able experience the sound and features of premium gear. We were determined to offer the Liverpool at a price accessible to the larger recording arts community and meet the standards of professional studios. Achieving this was a challenge. Nevertheless, we found a way to produce the Liverpool within our guidelines. It was a team effort and we are thankful to our many friends that helped us bring the Liverpool to fruition. We wish all of our users many years of enjoyment.